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Inspirations from the Heart

Jim brings over 31 years of experience in creating personal jewelry pieces with special attention to the subtle desires of his clients.

Sometimes he uses a process called lost wax casting, where a full-scale model of the ring or pendant is carved in wax and then cast into solid gold, silver or platinum.


The castings shown here are two wedding rings designed jointly by Heartspire and our clients. The couple was shown the wax models in progress and the carvings evolved to be exactly what they desired.

Our customers had been married for many years and they felt the original rings no longer could express how much their relationship had grown and changed. They did want to use the original gold and stones in the new creations. So we chose to melt them down, add new gold, and recast them together from the same precious metal. The new union of metal, castings and remounted stones reflects the new commitment and energy in their expanding relationship.

These photos are their rings in the various steps to completion.

Few jewelers offer this kind of detailed service – we do!

Just mail or email us a description, doodle, or several pictures showing styles you like and we’ll design something new for you.

We’ll email you a photograph of the wax model or sketch for approval, along with a price quote. You respond with any suggestions for change and send us any gold or stones you have to be included.

Also we can supply the materials. We have a large supply of loose gems, crystals, and precious metals – let us know your interests and we’ll send you photos and prices of some possibilities.

“…my husband and I were delighted in not only the finished product of our new rings but also at Jim’s ability to listen and to comprehend what we were trying to create.

Jewelry is shipped by registered mail and we charge $5.00 which is often only half the total postage. Payment is by check,  money order, MC, or Visa. 

We also offer free sizing of the rings either before shipping or within one month of purchase.  Contact Jim at inspire@heartspire.com or heartspire@earthlink.com with your interest in other jewelry, chains, pendants, earrings and more rings !

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