Blue Zircon


Blue Zircon, Birthstone for December: 

gem__bluezircon_smZircon is a natural gemstone (not Zirconia) which has an high refractive index and therefore is very brilliant when cut correctly. It comes in various shades of blue, greenish blue, orange, red, pink, and white (and a few others that are rare). It is not as hard as sapphire and ruby and is best set in earrings, pendants, and protective ring mountings.

Metaphysical Properties – 5th chakra, aids communication skills, stimulates spiritual knowing, and provides emotional protection. Zircon in various colors may help an individual become a truly independent force.

The following stones are pictured above – many others are in stock:

  • .60ct.- 5mm. Round – 90.00
  • 2.51ct. – 7x10mm. Pear Shape, Dark Med. Blue – $325.00
  • 2.66ct. – 5.5x11mm. Marquise Shape, Light Med. Blue – $320.00
  • 4.15ct.- 8.5×10.5mm. Oval, Dark Med. Grn. Blue – $498.00

Email us your interests as to size, color, and shape.

We’ll  answer with other possibilities.

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