Custom Creations



Judy D.’s Tanzanite and diamond pendant and earrings in 14k yellow and white gold will remind her of her African Trip. 





Sharon Rose’s Citrine Heart & Butterfly Ring in 14 white gold might remind her of the wonders of loving transformation. Click photo for more views.



Judy S.’s Titan Triggerfish in 14k yellow and pink gold will remind her of the scuba adventure and this aggressive fish that took a chunk out of her rubber swim fins.



Larry C.’s wife really loves this emerald green tourmaline – antique cushion cut gem in 14k yellow gold.



Roxy’s daughter will be surprised to receive this incredible Pink Tourmaline set in 18k yellow gold with small diamond and emerald.



Debbie loves her Opal heart with a simple 14k yellow frame. If she’s like me, she’s dreaming of visiting the opal mines in Australia one day.


#0110Larry’s wife is very lucky that he likes to collect fine rare gems. This is a pink Kunzite probably from Afghanistan set in 14k white gold with diamonds.



This is a fine emerald cut diamond of nearly 1ct. set in white gold.  I can’t remember who I made this one for. Maybe they will see this picture and remind me. 

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