Emeralds, Birthstone for May

gem_emeralds_smEmerald is in the beryl family along with blue aquamarine, gold heliodor, and pink morganite. There is also a very rare red form of beryl found in the USA. It is a hard gem with a rating of 8 on a scale of 10. It is very durable when internal flaws don’t compromise the structure. This family of gems all contain the rare earth beryllium which is a main reason for their rarity.

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Metaphysical Properties – 4th chakra, augments all Heart energies. This gemstone enhances feelings of love and kindness. It is linked somewhat with masculine aspects of tenderness. Emerald also may calm the mind so that we can be more aware of subtle energies.

The following stones are pictured above – many others are in stock: 

  • .62ct.- 6x 6.5mm. Heart Shape, Very fine deep green & clean – $700.00
  • 1.31ct.Total wt./pr.- 5x 6mm.oval pair, Bright Brilliant green – $3275.00/pair (very well matched)
  • 1.26ct. – 6.9mm. Round, Fine deep green – $2540.00
  • 1.74ct. – 6x 7.4mm. Octagonal Cut, Very Fine clean, deep green – $6750.00 (shadow in picture is positioning wax, not a flaw in the gem)

Email us your interests as to size, color, and shape.

We’ll answer with other possibilities.

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