Heartspire Massage School




Heartspire School of Hawaiian Massage provides education in Lomilomi massage techniques.

Heartspire also provides therapeutic Hawaiian Lomilomi treatments.


Please check our services page for the specifics our services.

We provide a wide variety of workshops and educational opportunities.

Please check our calendar for dates and locations.

Our philosophy

In the Hawaiian healing arts tradition, lomilomi uses massage with prayer and intention to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Lomilomi massage helps increase circulation, restore motion, and eliminate or ease physical as well as emotional pain.  By observing, listening, palpating, and intuiting, lomilomi practitioners strive to touch the human story stored deep in our clients’ tissues. Lomilomi practitioners also practice internal clearing so that we can be used as healing channels.

In HEARTSPIRE lomilomi classes, participants engage on all levels  – heart, mind, body and spirit, for the health and well being of all: clients, students and teachers.  Together we invoke spiritual guidance, touch with love and palpate with sensitivity while we apply specific Hawaiian bodywork techniques to support movement and healing.  By opening our hearts and minds in the spirit of aloha, we cultivate

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