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Emerald is in the beryl family along with blue aquamarine, gold heliodor, and pink morganite. There is also a very rare red form of beryl found in the USA. It is a hard gem with a rating of 8 on a scale of 10. It is very durable when internal flaws don’t compromise the structure. This family of gems all contain the rare earth beryllium which is a main reason for their rarity.  More about Emeralds


gem_tanzanite_smTanzinite is an exceptionally rare and beautiful gem found only in Tanzania. One of it’s optical properties, trichroism, is particularly unusual. As you turn the untreated rough in your hand it changes from blue to purple to gold. The gems to be cut are usually oriented to have purest blue color uppermost. Then the facets of the finished gem reflect and refract the secondary colors amidst the blue body color adding a bit more mystery to this entity.  More about Tanzinite


gem_topaz_smTopaz is harder (8 on a scale of 10) than most gemstones and comes in a number of colors – white, blue, green, yellow, champagne, gold, orange, pink and even a rare red from old Russia. The blues and probably the greens are mostly irradiated and heat treated from white rough although a few of these colors were natural. Most of the finest gems today come from Brazil (see photo), although the largest champagne oval is from Mexico.  More about Topaz


gem__bluezircon_smZircon is a natural gemstone (not Zirconia) which has an high refractive index and therefore is very brilliant when cut correctly. It comes in various shades of blue, greenish blue, orange, red, pink, and white (and a few others that are rare). It is not as hard as sapphire and ruby and is best set in earrings, pendants, and protective ring mountings. More about Blue Zircon


gem_greent_smTourmaline is in the silicate family and is one of the most chemically complex and diverse of all the gemstones.  This means great fun for collectors who can build collections of dozens of different colors and shades of one gem.  I like to build sets of different colors in the same size and shape – mostly rounds. We have hundreds of finished tourmalines in nearly all sizes, shapes and colors.

More about Tourmaline.




gem_egg_smThese Quartz Eggs are about 3 inches high. Many bright gold rutile needle inclusions or just a few. Price $100.00

We also have gemstone spheres and eggs in Sugelite,rutilated smokey Quartz, clear Quartz, tigereye and other semiprecious stones. Email me your interests.

More about Rutilated Quartz Egg

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