Men’s Jewelry



A 14k yellow gold man’s ring with pure gold nuggets surrounded by 20 channel set fine diamonds, total weight – .80 ct. Nearly 1/2 troy oz. of gold.    Price $1600.00



A 14k yellow gold man’s ring set with a 10 x 16mm. baroque oval Fire Agate. Two fine (VS) small diamonds with a total weight of .15ct. accent this powerful gem.
Price $1270.00



A 14k yellow and white gold man’s ring, bezel set with a 13 x 18mm. oval royal blue Lapis Lazuli cabochon. The lapis contains a sprinkling of pyrite, gold colored crystals, for a truly regal look. The shank is white gold and the bezel is yellow gold.   Price $886.00



A 14k yellow gold man’s ring inlayed with a 10+ mm. antique square royal blue lapis lazuli gem – perfectly uniform in color.    Price $725.00



A 14k yellow gold man’s ring set with two rows of .08+ct. fine (VS) diamonds for a total diamond weight of 1/2 ct. These diamonds are channel set for durability and smooth feel.    Price $890.00



A 14k yellow gold man’s ring set with a 4.17ct. 7.7mm round brilliant medium blue sapphire of fine clarity and color. The mounting is unusual with triangular sections of gold raised above the platform of the shank to create a sculptural effect. Price $4211.00


#1314A 14k yellow gold man’s ring set with 9 fine (VS) diamonds totaling .27ct. These are bead set in a central diamond shaped recessed area to minimize wear on the tips and maximize sparkle.    Price $690.00



A 14k yellow gold man’s ring set with an 18 x 13 mm. oval precious Jadeite cabochon. This gem is a slightly mottled, light to medium green color.    Price $680.00 

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