Orca Family

Sculptor: Ross Matteson    

Date: 1988
Media: Pure solid silver with bronze base
Limited Edition: 3 of 100
Size: 5-1/4″ high and 6″ wide     Price: $2800.



Sculptor: Ross Matteson    

Date: 1990
Media: Bronze, black patina with silver and green highlights
Limited Edition: 4 of 20
Size: 13-1/2″ high and 14″ wide     Price: $3600.


Continental Shelf

Sculptor: Ross Matteson    

Date: ?
Media: Bronze, dark, silver or verde
Limited Edition: to be ordered
Size: 30″ high      Price: $3200.


Salmon Pole Maquette

Sculptor: Ross Matteson    

Date: 1993
Media: Bronze, antique gold patina
Limited Edition: 23 of 100
Click photo for additional views of this sculpture.
Size: 14″ high      Price: $1900.


Aaron’s Swan

Sculptor: Ross Matteson     Date: 1998
Media: Bronze, dark, silver or gold patina
Limited Edition: edition of 20 – to be ordered. Nearly sold out!
Size: 6″ high and 1.5′ wide       Price: $2900.


New Dove

Sculptor: Ross Matteson     

Date: 1990
Media: Bronze, silver-gray patina
Limited edition: 2 of 100 (Edition sold out)
Size: 7″ high         Price: $600.


Homer on Windowsill

Sculptor: Ross Matteson     

Date: 1991
Media: Bronze, silver-gray patina
Limited edition: 1 of 100 (Edition sold out)
Size: 8-1/2″ high and 11-1/4″ wide    Price: $1500.


Peregrine in Flight

Sculptor: Ross Matteson     

Date: 1989
Media: Bronze, dark silver patina on black granite base
Limited edition: 1 of 20 (Edition sold out)
Click photo for additional views.
Size: 36-1/2″ high      Price: $10,000.

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