gem_tanzanite_smTanzanite is an exceptionally rare and beautiful gem found only in Tanzania. One of it’s optical properties, trichroism, is particularly unusual. As you turn the untreated rough in your hand it changes from blue to purple to gold. The gems to be cut are usually oriented to have purest blue color uppermost. Then the facets of the finished gem reflect and refract the secondary colors amidst the blue body color adding a bit more mystery to this entity.

The crystals of this gem are rare but sometimes I can get them for you. There is also a rare green form that I have only in small rough pieces at present.
Unlike other gems that are found all over the world, this stone may become unavailable if current mines stop production. 

Metaphysical Energies – 6th chakra, symbolizes the highest mineral expression of peace on Earth. Tanzanite is said to help raise individual vibrations to the pinnacle of brotherly love. It’s energy is closely linked to Dolphin Energy.

The following stones are pictured above – many others are in stock:

  • .57ct.total weight/pair -4mm. Rounds – Dark Blue – $190.00/pr.
  • 1.12ct. t.w./pr.- 4.5x 5.9mm.Ovals – Med. Dk.Blue – $250.00/pr.
  • 1.72ct. t.w./trio – 4x 5mm. Oct.Cuts – Dark Blue – $525.00/trio
  • 1.73ct. t.w./pr. – 4.5x 5.5mm.Ant.Cushions – Med. Dark Blue – $550./pr.
  • 3.50ct. t.w./pr.- 6.4x 7.7mm.Ant.Cushions – Finest Dark Blue-$4212./pr.earstuds

Email us your interests as to size, color, and shape.

We’ll answer with other possibilities.

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