Precious Topaz, Birthstone for November:   

gem_topaz_smTopaz is harder (8 on a scale of 10) than most gemstones and comes in a number of colors – white, blue, green, yellow, champagne, gold, orange, pink and even a rare red from old Russia. The blues and probably the greens are mostly irradiated and heat treated from white rough although a few of these colors were natural. Most of the finest gems today come from Brazil (see photo), although the largest champagne oval is from Mexico. 

Topaz crystals (non-gem grade) are among the largest ever found. Some have weighed several tons. I believe only quartz crystals occasionally match these behemoths.

Metaphysical Properties – 3rd & 7th chakras, helps fine tune the digestive system and therefore increases the assimilation of nutrients and production of energy. Combining this with the effect on the solar plexus will-center, Topaz may facilitate right action. Topaz also augments the energy formation in the 3rd chakra destined to be sent up to the 4th, the heart chakra – so it has an important relationship to the propensity of love in all it’s forms.

The following stones are pictured above – many others are in stock:

  • .40 to .70ct.-Long Ovals – Imperial Orange – $40 to $70.
  • .53ct.- Round – Imperial Peach – $159.00
  • .90ct.- Round – Imperial Peach – $289.00
  • 4.01ct.- Antique Cushion Cut – Imperial Orange – $1480.00
  • 7.30ct.- Oval Shape – Champagne – $750.00

Email us your interests as to size, color, and shape.

We’ll answer with other possibilities.

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