Tourmaline, Birthstone for October (pink form):

gem_greent_smTourmaline is in the silicate family and is one of the most chemically complex and diverse of all the gemstones.  This means great fun for collectors who can build collections of dozens of different colors and shades of one gem.  I like to build sets of different colors in the same size and shape – mostly rounds. We have hundreds of finished tourmalines in nearly all sizes, shapes and colors.

Many of these come from Brazil but tourmaline is found all over the world. Two of the most famous North American sources are in Pala, Ca. and Newburg, Maine.

Metaphysical Properties –  Both green and pink to lavender tourmaline are 4th chakra gems or heart gems.  When worn (especially as a pendant – close to the heart) they enhance the heart energies to help open the heart chakra to give and receive more nurturing awareness. Both colors have a healing vibration that may be directed at any physical or mental infirmity. The green color represents the sacred male energy; the pink shades represent the sacred female energy. When these two colors occur in the same stone as in rare bicolor and watermelon tourmaline, the wonderful balance that results is said to be especially powerful. These subtle energies also lend energy upward to the 5th and 6th chakras resulting in the desire for more loving communication and stimulating the sometimes elusive inner vision. 

Green tourmaline has a vibrational connection to the plant kingdom too and may aid a gardeners green thumb.  

  • 14.93 ct. – Watermelon Tourmaline Slice – 22x21mm.- Price $374.00
  • 22.72 ct. –  Medium Green Tourmaline – Antique Cushion Cut – 22×13.5mm – some parallel needle inclusions –Price $1817.00
  • 6.00 ct. – Lt. Med. Green Tourmaline – Round – 11.00mm. – Price $1080.00  

Email us your interests as to size, color, and shape. 

We’ll  answer with other possibilities. 

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